.NET Architecture

Building A GitHub Repo Importer For A .NET Application

Let’s take an existing .NET web application and add a component to import GitHub repository data into it!


Clean Architecture: The Bad Parts

Clean architecture is a common approach to designing software systems. However, there are some issues that might cause you more harm than good…

Architecture domain-driven design

DDD Aggregates: Optimistic Concurrency

What happens when multiple users of your system try to operate on the same piece at the “same” time? Who wins? Who loses? This article will explain how to tackle these kinds of problems!

Architecture Tech Strategy

Conway’s Law Is Temporal: Why Tech Strategy & Vision Matters

Conway’s law shows us that having an overall tech strategy for your software business is essential to its future stability and growth!

Architecture Refactoring Legacy Software Modernization

Software Modernization: What Is It?

What is software modernization? Is it about upgrading your software to the next hyped-up technology? Or is it something more? Come find out!

Architecture Microservices

Should I Use A Microservices Architecture?

Are you considering adopting a microservices architecture? Won’t it fix all your problems? Join me for a look into the realities of microservices!