.NET, Software Design and Code Quality

High-quality software is more than clean & pretty code: Design, strategy, domain-knowledge, team dynamics & growth, development processes & tactics all contribute to the success of your software systems!

What if you could…

  • Deliver real value in a fraction of the time it used to take?
  • Confidently make changes that don’t break other pieces?
  • Quickly adapt to market & technological trends?
  • Accelerate the growth of your current .NET software developers?
  • Avoid costly architectural mistakes at the beginning of your critical software products?

I’m a Microsoft MVP, senior .NET developer & author who can help you!

Latest Articles

Books I’ve Written

I’m the author of Refactoring TypeScript: Keeping Your Code Healthy published on PacktPub and Leanpub

Speaking / Conferences

I spoke at the 2020 Virtual Domain-Driven Design Conference about DDD For Small Organizations. I covered misconceptions about DDD, how to introduce DDD to your team(s), dealing with legacy systems and more!

loosely coupled show

I am the co-host of the Loosely Coupled Show. Derek Comartin and I interview industry experts and discuss topics relating to software design and architecture.

.net core podcast

I’ve appeared on the .NET Core Podcast to talk about my open-source projects and software design.

weekly dev tips

I’ve appeared on Steve “Ardalis” Smith’s Weekly Dev Tips on multiple occasions to talk about boundaries in software design & career growth.