Canadian-based Microsoft MVP, Senior .NET Developer & Author

I’m a Microsoft MVP, senior .NET developer & author. If you need help building web, mobile or distributed systems then get in touch!

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Books I’ve Written

I’m the author of Refactoring TypeScript: Keeping Your Code Healthy published on PacktPub and Leanpub

Speaking / Conferences

loosely coupled show

I am the co-host of the Loosely Coupled Show. Derek Comartin and I interview industry experts and discuss topics relating to software design and architecture.


I spoke at the 2020 Virtual Domain-Driven Design Conference about DDD For Small Organizations. I covered misconceptions about DDD, how to introduce DDD to your team(s), dealing with legacy systems and more!

.net core podcast

I’ve appeared on the .NET Core Podcast to talk about my open-source projects and software design.

weekly dev tips

I’ve appeared on Steve “Ardalis” Smith’s Weekly Dev Tips on multiple occasions to talk about boundaries in software design & career growth.