A Software Rewrite Won’t Improve Your Saas Agility

Ask yourself:

  • Are your Saas products and features taking forever to finish?
  • Is your development team afraid to release new features because things always break when you do?
  • Thinking about rewriting that Saas monolith with a microservices architecture?
  • Maybe your company attempted a software rewrite in the past but it made things worse?

I’ve got some news: A total software rewrite probably won’t save you. Microservices won’t save your Saas either.

These symptoms stem from more fundamental issues like focusing on the time-to-market of products at the cost of your software’s internal quality, inefficient development processes, lack of streamlined functional requirements, organizational drag, lack of solid boundaries in your software architecture, etc.

The cost of ignoring these has caught up with you and it feels like your Saas’ progress has stalled!

But, there’s good news!

These are symptoms of a successful Saas business that is growing!

You are most likely past the initial stages of your product and it’s grown into multiple streams of products and features.

The truth: You are experiencing the growing pains of this transition.

In order to keep up with the competition and keep your users engaged with your products, you need to significantly increase your Saas’ agility!

If you are an engineering or business leader, I can help improve your Saas business’ agility and successfully navigate these growing pains.

Microservices might help. Or they could do massive harm.

Fixing this might require more advanced, intelligent and nuanced techniques for improving your Saas agility.

Your Saas’ Future:

I can help you:

  • Have clarity about the next steps for your Saas business’ evolution
  • Build an intelligent plan that considers your goals and unique priorities
  • Reduce the risk of creating new products and features
  • Reduce the time-to-market of new features

Who Am I?

james hickey software architect

I’m a software architect & engineer, .NET community leader and technical author.

I’ve been a part of major software rewrite projects in the automotive, insurance and HR industries.

For example, I’ve helped growing Saas businesses to:

  • Improve time-to-market of new features from weeks to days
  • Build a strategy to make their legacy systems compatible with a new mobile application
  • Deploy changes multiple times a day instead of once every month
  • Provide technical guidance throughout these changes

Some of my public work includes: