Are you a software developer? Struggling to grow and get that next breakthrough in your career?

Hi, I'm James!

A couple of years into my career, I realized that simply "doing a good job" wasn't enough.

I wasn't progressing and growing nearly as much as I wanted... until I took control of my career!

Today, I help developers take control of their careers and get more opportunities, land better jobs, and build a reputation!

What if you...

  • Knew how to gain control of your career?
  • Could build the skills you need for that next step?
  • Were able to land that target job?
  • Had clarity about what the next step was in your career?
  • Could build a solid reputation in the developer community?

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This will give you practical coding techniques, software design advice and career hacks to help you grow and get that next career breakthrough!

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Author of the popular .NET Core library Coravel which helps developers get up-and-running fast. Features include task scheduling, caching, queuing, event broadcasting and more!

Regularily tweeting helpful tips and thoughts for software developers on Twitter.

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