Improve Your Saas’ Agility

Are you leading an engineering team or organization and worried about the lack of speed and nimbleness needed to compete in today’s fast-paced software-as-a-service industry?

Do you feel like your competitors are always providing customers with new features all-the-time? But you’re struggling to get just that one next big product released at-all?

You have new products to create and ideas to test. But your software projects are stalled because:

  • The system is too difficult to work with
  • Its performance is so poor that users are frustrated
  • New features take forever to complete
  • Deployments keep causing issues in production
  • Developers keep stepping on each other’s toes

Perhaps you are considering a software re-write, are in the midst of one or looking at ways to improve overall processes.

I’ve had experience helping Saas companies with major software rewrites, migration and refactoring projects in the automotive, insurance and HR industries.

I can help you to navigate this critical point in your company’s growth.

Get in touch below to find out if we’d be a good fit for working together!